EAN: 8018417211256
Lens Kit 2 in 1 for smartphone

Lens Kit 2 in 1 for Smartphone, Wide Angle and Macro Lens


Do you want really special photos? Now you can take them with your smartphone and the new SBS lenses.
With the Macro lens you can capture every particular detail, and with the wide lens you can take pictures with greater amplitude. The lenses are anti-reflective glass and allows you to take sharp pictures in all weather conditions. The lens are linked to the smartphone through a small ring.


  • Lens Kit it is not compatible with smartphones with dual rear camera
  • Objective 2-in-1: Macro and Wide
  • compact size
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Wide Lens: 0.67x

Use of this kit is possible with smartphones that have a camera no more than 3 cm from the top edge.
The measurement is purely indicative and depends on the actual position of the camera, which varies from model to model.

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