EAN: 8018417226076
Virtual reality viewer and joystick for smartphones

360 Viewer for smartphones and Bluetooth joystick compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Enter a world of virtual reality with the 360 Viewer kit + joystick for smartphones and gain access to a new frontier! This product is ideal for mobile game lovers who want to take their gaming experience to another level, thanks to its innovative augmented reality technology.

Suitable for use with with devices up to 6", this 3D display and wireless gamepad let you dive into exciting adventures as you play games that have been specifically designed for its 360-degree viewing capabilities.

Using the viewer and gamepad is very simple: just enter your smartphone into the slot, adjust the eye distance of the lens, attach the joypad to your smartphone and it will be ready for use. When you put the viewer on, the soft material applied around the contours of your eye will ensure exceptional comfort.

Viewer features:

  • Adjustable lenses and straps
  • Attachment for smartphones from 4" to 6"

Joystick features:

  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 4.2 or higher
  • Ergonomic design
  • Playing time of up to 40 hours

Download the PDF in "Documents" for the latest list of some compatible apps.

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